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Seen & Heard


I’d been wanting to do something with a smoked whiskey for quite a while, so we finally got around to smoking some Bourbon with a Polyscience “Smoking Gun”.

The first direction was to use mango puree, since – hey, grilled mangos taste good. Five or six tries on a smoked Bourbon / mango drink yielded pretty terrible results.

Working with Natalie and Nate, we eventually came around to the idea of a Blood & Sand variant (Scotch tends to have some smoky notes, we’ve got something smoky, so…)

A traditional Blood & Sand is equal parts Scotch whisky, Cherry Heering, sweet vermouth, and orange juice. Starting with that as our base, we ended up with a final recipe of not so equal parts cherrywood smoked Bourbon, Vya sweet Vermouth, fresh orange juice, Heering, and a couple dashes of The Bitter Truth lemon bitters for good measure.

Oh, and the story behind the name… After we smoked our first test bottle and funneled it back into its original container, I just randomly labeled it “Bandit” because that’s what popped into my head. Jason Eddy (no surprise here) immediately chimed in with a bit of movie trivia – “Eastbound & Down” by Jerry Reed was the theme song to Smokey and the Bandit a long time before it was the name of an HBO series.